Southdown entry Sign

About Southdown Shores

Southdown Shores is a single family home community developed mostly during the 1960's, located in Edgewater Maryland .

The community is bordered at the north by the line defined  by Lees Lane, Stepney Lane, Calhoon Street,  Mulberry Street,  and Southdown Road. The southern limit is the homes on Stewart Drive,  Hazelwood road defines the eastern side, and  Beards Creek the west

Although we share similar interests, and welcome them to join our improvement association, our neighbors,  Southdown Shores II, Southdown Estates, and the new development of homes north of us on the Lyons Property are  not a part of Southdown Shores.

Community assets, such as the waterfront park, marina and common walkways and other assets  are managed and supported by the Southdown Shores Board of Directors.  Membership dues are used to pay liability insurance, beautify and maintain the community and  support legal challenges to our community interest.

The community marina is supported by separate fees paid by the boatowners.  Use of the marina  is limited to residents and their accompanied guests during daylight hours, and governed by Harbor and Dock Rules,  and manged by the community harbormaster.

The Southdown Shores  Board of Directors may be reached at E-mail.