Southdown Shores Community Association
Marina with boats

Southdown Shores is very fortunate in having its own marina and waterfront park.
It is zoned by the county as a restricted private community park,
and its use is restricted to Southdown Shores residents only.

Please remember that the Marina is CLOSED at sunset.

After hours, there should be very little happening on
the piers, in the parking lot, or the green
areas -- occasionally you may see a few boaters
checking on their boats. Neighbors are URGED to call
POLICE (NOT the harbormaster) if they observe ANYONE
loitering or drinking at the marina area.

Erosion is also a major community concern.
The hill behind the bulkhead is
very sensitive to stormwater runoff:

To help control erosion and
for safety concerns, the grassy areas and
piers are off limits to bicycles and motorized vehicles.

Parents, please stress to your children that they are
not to play on/behind the bulkhead or ride on the
grassy part of the park.