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Southdown Shores Communuty Cleanup day will be held Saturday April 29 2017, starting at the Marina at 8:30 AM .... (Rain Day Saturday May 6 2017).

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   The 2017 Spring Southdown Shores Association General Membership Meeting was held on Tuesday March 28 2017 at the Edgewater Library.

The Southdown Shores Board Of directors discussed Marina ramp repairs made in 2016, Beautification Plans were made, as well as parking lot fencing.

Elections were be held. The 2017 budget was discussed and approved

Michelle Corkadel, Our county Constitant Services officer made a presentation of current county services and policier includiong the recent Opiod pandemic, the required use of paper bags in place of plastic for yard waste, and future county planning in our district. .

2016 Southdown Work Party Resting after a busy morning./

*SEWER! The County has sent word that the sewer petition did not get enough votes to move forward: The vote was: 35 votes yes 56 votes no 72 did not answer 1 invalid (?) 164 eligible. There will be NO sewers for Southdown.

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Reporting Pollution Our Jim Davis had a conversation with John Peacock on 1/16/07 concerning mud plumes. He has sent me some guidelines to distribute to the community to help us expedite reporting such events and to hopefully provide the necessary evidence to allow fining companies that dump mud into Beards Creek. To make a case against a developer, or contractor, stick the county needs: Who (company name),What, When, Where and Why. Photographs and eyewitness testimony may well be the basis for the case. If the violator cleans the site before an inspector arrives, the case will be based on the citizen's report. Let's help the County protect our creek. In reporting pollution speed is essential. Call the County first, and be persistent. Advise the board later. Contact information: Use the phone first Day 410-222-7763 Night/Weekend/Holiday 410-222-7777 email or He did caution concerning walking onto job sites without permission and advised observing from the street!

.. Jim Davis



    Hazelwood Car Wash NO activity since December 2005.
Last activity: Hearing was held on Thursday January 6, 2005. The decision of the zoning appeals hearing officer was made, awarding the special exception to build the car wash.  As of December 2005, no permits have been issued for construction..There has been a "For Sale" sign on the property.

     Care of the marina area.


     SEWER Petition:The County has sent word that the sewer petition did not get enough votes to move forward. The vote was: 35 votes yes 56 votes no 72 did not answer 1 invalid (?) 164 eligible. We needed 83 yes votes to move forward. (51%).

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